Dunlap Gardiner LLP recently hosted an educational Dinner Series where 54 Association Board Members and Association Management Agents attended. The Dinner Series was entitled: A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished – Community Association Essentials.  Partners, Wes Dunlap and Brian Gardiner, along with attorneys Robert Glaze and Evan Barnard, discussed several issues that Associations often face, including leasing restrictions, conducting board meetings and annual meetings, and bankruptcy law as it applies to HOAs. This catered dinner meeting gave Dunlap Gardiner the opportunity to discuss community issues with board members and to also answer questions and concerns that are arising in communities.

Dunlap and Barnard Attend CAI Law Semiar

On January 15-18, 2020, attorneys Wes Dunlap and Evan Barnard attended the CAI Annual Law Seminar in Las Vegas. The CAI (Community Association Institute) Law Seminar provides attorneys with the opportunity learn and discuss some of the current issues community associations are facing across the country. At this conference, Wes and Evan attended four days of classes addressing issues that often confront our clients. The sessions included parliamentary procedure in HOA meetings, the role of Board members and management agents at meetings, protecting board members if they are defamed by homeowners, bankruptcy as it applies to homeowner's associations, and also two sessions discussing recent case law across the country. The conference also provided Wes and Evan an opportunity to meet fellow CAI members and staff..



On May 8, 2017, I watched as Governor Deal signed SB 46. This is a bill I drafted with the help of Brian Gardiner. This statute sets up a process for abandoned Homeowners Associations to take control of abandoned common areas and to establish elections where the original Declarant failed to do so. I have worked on this for several years and I am proud it finally got done. It wouldn't have happened without Representative Strickland's hard work.   If your Association has been abandoned or you are unsure of ownership of common areas, contact Dunlap Gardiner LLP today. We are the leaders in this field.